“INBETWEEN” is a key curatorial series of Comma Space for 2021-2022. The concept of “INBETWEEN” refers to various solutions in different fields, for example, it could refer to architectural innovations dealing with prevailing conditions in extreme climate, or film frames between two images that make the transition appears smoother in creating the illusion of motion. In the contexts of contemporary art, the “INBETWEEN” series looks into the ideas that consider an in-between condition between two things (e.g. times, spaces, situations, relationships, etc), and mediate the inter-changeable condition between inside and outside, tangible and intangible. Through investigating these intersectional intersection ideas, “INBETWEEN” intends to respond to critical current issues such as the value of money, the impact of the pandemic, the environmental crisis, the every-changing technologies shaping our society and world today, etc. “INBETWEEN” aims to generate discussions and provide a mirror to contemporary society for reflection.

Artistically directed by co-founder Dr. Wang Ruobing, each project of the series will invite artists and curators (both local and international) to take part. Not limited to specific forms, it will include a diverse range of techniques, materials and expressions.

S$1,966/- S$831.06/-

By Anthony Chin / Curated by Michael Lee

Visual Thinking: Sense of Knowing

 Group exhibition/ Curated by Wang Ruobing

Concept 88

Anthony Chin, Michael Lee, Michael Loke, Moses Tan,

Ong Si Hui, Sai Victor Emmanuel and Yang Jie


Hye Joo Jun