Chitter-Chatter (1/12 SOLO)



Chitter-Chatter is a sound installation by Singaprean artist Sai curated by Dr. Wang Ruobing. It comprises 24 used dental casts (accurate, three-dimensional replicas of patients’ teeth), which are arranged to form a circle. Each dental cast is attached to a motor and set at different speeds animating different manners of speaking.  Viewers are invited to go inside the circle to experience the 360-degree spherical sound field created by the audio projected from the dental casts.  Chitter-Chatter orchestrates informal and inconsequential conversation that enquires the ongoing social struggle of speaking, creating the tension of hearing as well as of being heard.

Exhibition: 9 – 19 January 2020/ Medium:  Dental casts, motors, wood, wires and strings/ Dimension: 144 (L) x144 (B) x 20 (H) cm

Chitter-Chatter is the first solo of project “12 SOLO”. “12 SOLO” is an inaugural curatorial series for the newly established independent artspace, Comma Space. Conceived by curator Dr Wang Ruobing, “12 SOLO” launches 12 exhibitions by 12 artists. Each artist creates a single work and presents it as a solo show.

Artist: Sai (aka Chen Sai Hua Kuan) (b.1976, Singapore) lives and works in Singapore. He has an MFA in sculpture from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (2007). Sai is interested in the notion of play within daily life. His practices often challenge the habituated eye by deconstructing and transforming everyday objects, found materials and situations, so as to invite fresh interpretations of them. Sai sees his art as the outcome of conditional activities determined and enabled by site and context, which go beyond object-making and conventional studio practice. His work has been included in exhibitions at Creative Center Osaka, Japan (2019); Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (2016); and 4th Singapore Biennale (2013).

Curator: Dr. Wang Ruobing is an artist and curator who currently teaches at the LASALLE College of the Arts.