Chitter-Chatter (1/12 SOLO)

By Sai (aka Chen Sai Hua Kuan)

I can’t, I have to go to Mongolia (2/12 SOLO)

by Michael Lee

Jemputan (3/12 SOLO)

by Johann MF

In the Breathing Light (4/12 SOLO)

by Ng Hui Hsien

The Shape of the Sky (5/12 SOLO)

by James Jack

The Waiting Machine (6/12 SOLO)

by Jang Jie

Un-Intentional Consequences (7/12 SOLO)

by Boo Sze Yang

Cardboard Lamps & Adequate Images (8/12 SOLO)

by Lai Yu Tong

Two Week Wonderland (9/12 SOLO)

by Ivan Ong

Cunxin Cuntie Cunxin 寸心寸铁寸心 (10/12 SOLO)

by Tang Da Wu

To Stay Tender (11/12 SOLO)

by Ong Si Hui

Off Shore On Tide (12/12 SOLO)

by Wang Ruobing