S$1,996/- S$831.06/-

Anthony Chin

Curated by Michael Lee


Comma Space (Singapore) is pleased to present S$1,996/- S$831.06/-, a solo show by artist Anthony Chin. This process-based project investigates the value of art, labour and sustainability. 

A donation drive, titled S$1,966/-, among the artist’s friends was held during 26 June – 4 July 2021 to collect S$1 coins as materials for the artwork. Exactly 1,996 pieces of Singapore legal tender one-dollar from the third and latest series would be needed to stack up to form a pillar that stretches from the floor to the 4.4-metre-high ceiling of Comma Space. Whether the proposed pillar of coins could be realised, and if so, to what extent, will depend on the funds collected.

As it turned out, the donation drive outcome fell below target at S$831.06/-. The project working budget with its running costs is made possible by additional sponsorship. This does not include the fees of the artist, curator and artistic director. They will be paid for their labour when the work is sold.

This is the first project from the “INBETWEEN” series of Comma Space.

Exhibition date 31 Jul – 19 Sep 2021

Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1-6 pm (including public holidays)

Monday – Friday (by appointment only [email protected])

[Watch] Pre-recorded Conversation with Anthony Chin, Michael Lee and Clara Peh

Online Release: 28th Aug 2021, 4pm

Anthony Chin T W (b. 1969, Singapore), is a designer turned visual artist in Singapore. He is drawn to issues of power that challenge our collective existence, in part as a response to being on a tiny island city state. Through extensive research, he is keen in crystallising observations and transforming and/or playing with discovered information, to create a form of artistic intervention. http://www.antchin.com


Michael Lee (b. 1972, Singapore) is an artist based in Singapore. He researches urban memory and fiction, especially the contexts and implications of loss. He transforms his observations into diagrams, models, environments, events or texts. Among his curatorial projects is “what it is about when it is about nothing” (2015) held in Mizuma Gallery, Singapore. He is currently observing the mood of Singapore’s art scene. https://michaelleehonghwee.wordpress.com

Artistic Director:

Wang Ruobing an artist, independent curator and academic based in Singapore. She received her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. She was previously a curator at the National Gallery Singapore. At present, she works as a lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts.  

About the “INBETWEEN” series:
“INBETWEEN” is a key curatorial series of Comma Space for 2021-2022. The concept of “INBETWEEN” refers to various solutions in different fields, for example, it could refer to architectural innovations dealing with prevailing conditions in extreme climate, or film frames between two images that make the transition appears smoother in creating the illusion of motion. In the contexts of contemporary art, the “INBETWEEN” series looks into the ideas that consider an in-between condition between two things (e.g. times, spaces, situations, relationships, etc), and mediate the inter-changeable condition between inside and outside, tangible and intangible. Through investigating these intersectional intersection ideas, “INBETWEEN” intends to respond to critical current issues such as the value of money, the impact of the pandemic, the environmental crisis, the every-changing technologies shaping our society and world today, etc. “INBETWEEN” aims to generate discussions and provide a mirror to contemporary society for reflection. Artistically directed by co-founder Dr. Wang Ruobing, each project of the series will invite artists and curators (both local and international) to take part. Not limited to specific forms, it will include a diverse range of techniques, materials and expressions.


20210814_Zaobao_Anthony Chin