Artist Conference (1) – Interval

Artists: Daniel Chong, Ian Tee, Liu Liling and Victoria Hertel

Conference panelists: Ho Tzu Nyen, June Yap and Sam I-shan

2 – 10 September, 2023 Free admission

“”ARTIST CONFERENCE (1) – Interval” is the first edition of “ARTIST CONFERENCE” series by Comma Space, showcasing the recent artworks of four Singapore-based artists: Daniel Chong, Ian Tee, Liu Liling and Victoria Hertel.

A conference refers to a gathering of many people who discuss about a specific subject or topic, which often happens in the context of an academic environment. “ARTIST CONFERENCE” is conceived by borrowing the format of a conference in an exhibition setting. It intends to offer an open exhibition concept allowing the participating artists not only to present their new artworks, but also gain critical and honest feedback from invited panelists and the public.

In this experimental exhibition “Interval”, the artists explore the transitioning space and time between points, units, materials and pitches through mediums of painting, sound, installation and light. “Interval” panelists are Ho Tzu Nyen, June Yap and Sam I-shan.

The project is supported by NAC and conceptualised by Wang Ruobing.

Essay by Nicholas Song “‘Artist Conference (1) – Interval’ at Comma Space – an Artistic/Critical Gathering”


Exhibition Details

OPENING: 2 September

2-4pm Opening conference

With panellists are Ho Tzu Nyen, June Yap and Sam I-shan.

4-6pm Opening reception

ARTIST TOURS: 3 and 10 September (3-4pm) BOOK here

EXHIBITION: 2 – 10 September, 2023 Free admission

OPENING HOURS: Sat and Sun 1-6pm (close on public holiday)

Tue to Fri by appointments only [email protected]  


About the Artists

Daniel Chong @iisdannychong (b. 1995, Singapore) is an artist-curator that works between the quiet slippages of function and sentimentality, Chong subtlety exposes the emotive qualities attached to these objects. From strength to grief and recently, intimacy, Chong engages with materialism as a means to unearth our emotive connections through objects, but centred in our understanding of them through its use. His practice is often characterised with the ability to softly nudge our preconceived notions of objects through minute interventions. His works seem irreverent and casual but in it lies a thorough process of listening and working an object through its materiality.

Ian Tee @ianteestudio (b. 1994, Singapore) is an artist working across a variety of media – destroyed metal paintings,  bleached and dyed textiles, and collage. His practice is an exploration of youth, in relation to the themes  of rebellion, vulnerability and identity. Conflating the history of painting with the energy of subcultures,  he is interested in how aesthetic narratives can be reworked and recontextualised. The attitude carried  is a statement about power, defiance and possibility. Tee graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore in 2018. His  work has been exhibited in exhibitions across Singapore, Sydney, Jakarta and Tianjin, such as at the  Institute of Contemporary Arts, Grey Projects, and The Private Museum. He was a recipient of the Ngee  Ann Kongsi scholarship and winner of the 2017 Cliftons Art Prize for Singapore. Recently, he received  an Honourable Mention at the 2023 IMPART Awards, in recognition for his curatorial project ‘We’re  Young Once’ (2022). In addition to his artistic practice, he is also Associate Editor at Art & Market, a  multimedia platform featuring specialist content on Southeast Asian Art. 

Tee is represented by Yavuz Gallery.  

Liu Liling @frufrull (b. 1993, Singapore) works with the photographic image as a starting point, her background in painting informing her practice and interest in layering colours and textures. Through a process-oriented practice, Liu is interested in exploring ideas of duration, employing methods of erasure and repetition as approaches to the picture plane. She graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore with a Bachelor in Fine Arts

Recent exhibitions include ‘Horizon’ (2023), and ‘LHLLL’ (2022) at Mizuma Gallery Singapore.

Victoria Hertel @victoria_hertel is a Singapore- based German-Venezuelan artist whose techno-organic practice explores the entanglement of the self and non-self. Her sensory installations combine technology, trace and motion to construct distilled encounters that heighten our awareness of the complex material network we inhabit. The process of experiencing these organic, digital, mechanical, sensorial and ritualistic systems gripping into each other, invites us to expand our understanding of ourselves and what connects us to everything else. Hertel received her BFA from the University of Barcelona and her MA in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore in partnership with Goldsmiths University of London. She has been awarded the Chan-Davies Art Prize for academic excellence in her MA research and practice of Trace as energy in materialities.

Her work has been exhibited in solo shows, group exhibitions as well as residencies in Germany, Spain, Austria, Poland, China, Taiwan and Singapore.



About the Panelists 

June Yap is Director of Curatorial & Collections at the Singapore Art Museum, where she oversees content creation and museum programming. Her curatorial experience spans Southeast Asia and international practices in relation to Asia.

Sam I-shan is an independent curator focusing on time-based media, photography, and art and politics. She also programmes for film festivals, specialising in artist films and video, and Southeast Asian and experimental cinema.

Ho Tzu Nyen makes films, installations and performances.  A number of his works begin as engagements with historical and theoretical texts.  Recent exhibitions of his work have been held at the Hammer Museum (2022), Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (2021), Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM](2021)…